4 Tips Your Plumber Wants You to Know [infographic]

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When something goes awry with your plumbing system at your home or business, you can always count on our plumbers here at Moody Plumbing Inc. to give you the effective repairs you need. However, there are a few things both homeowners and business owners can do to prevent plumbing emergencies and ensure their systems remain in great working condition. Below, we’ll go over some key tips that your plumber wants you to know.

4 Tips Your Plumber Wants You to Know

  • Regular maintenance is key. Just like you wouldn’t skip a routine check-up with your doctor, you shouldn’t put off regular maintenance for your plumbing system. Getting your plumbing system assessed by a professional on a regular basis will help prevent small issues from getting worse.
  • DIY repair attempts can make things worse. Although there are certainly some simple home remedies for minor plumbing problems, it’s important to recognize when an issue is beyond your realm of expertise. As a general rule of thumb, give a plumber a call if you’re worried about exacerbating an issue.
  • Don’t overlook leaks. A minor leak, such as a dripping faucet, can seem pretty harmless to most people, but it can lead to significant water waste over time. To prevent your water bills from skyrocketing and avoid mold growth in the area near the leak, contact a plumber to get it repaired.
  • Know how to shut off the main water valve. Plumbers are often surprised to find out just how many people don’t know where the main water valve is located within their own homes. We highly recommend locating this valve before a plumbing emergency can occur, as shutting off the water can help prevent significant water damage from burst pipes or other major issues.