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Our skilled plumbers will help you keep your plumbing in excellent condition.

Your plumbing is one of the most essential systems in your house, so having a plumber you can count on to provide honest assessments and high-quality work is critical. For over 15 years, our team at Moody Plumbing Inc. has been serving our friends and neighbors here in Arden, North Carolina, and we want to help you take the best care possible of your home’s or business’s plumbing.

Plumber in Arden, North Carolina

Ideally, you’d have a plumber visit your home or business for a maintenance check twice yearly. Investing in annual maintenance can save you money by catching small issues before they have a chance to develop into something much more significant. When a plumber from our team stops by for annual maintenance, they’ll thoroughly inspect the plumbing and take detailed notes of the system’s condition and any areas of concern. They can perform minor repairs right then if necessary and will advise you of any bigger concerns you’ll need to deal with soon.

Of course, annual maintenance is just one of the many things our plumbers can assist you with. We can perform repairs or replacements on water lines, faucets, and water heaters, as well as do complete installations. If you’re remodeling and need to adjust the layout of your plumbing, one of our skilled plumbers can work closely with you to ensure that the new layout works with the rest of your system. Whether it’s your first time working with a plumber from our team or you’ve been a customer for years, we’ll do all we can to ensure you’re completely satisfied with our work.

When you need a plumber who will treat you like you’re their number one customer every time you reach out to them, turn to us. For more information about our services or to schedule an appointment with a plumber, contact our office.

4 Tips Your Plumber Wants You to Know

FAQs About Our Plumbers

Whether you’re a homeowner, property investor, or business owner, you likely rely on the plumbing system in your building for everyday tasks. So, when something goes wrong, it can be hard to choose a trustworthy plumber and avoid panicking. Fortunately, our experienced plumbers at Moody Plumbing Inc. are here to efficiently provide all the commercial and residential plumbing services you need. Below, our plumbing professionals have responded to a few frequently asked questions to help you decide if you should give us a call.

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What kinds of plumbing repairs can I do myself?

Although there are many DIY plumbing tutorials and videos online, it’s common for people to misdiagnose the root cause of their plumbing issue and attempt solutions that only make the problem worse. Instead of trying different remedies to see if anything works, save your time by calling a plumber instead.

How do I know if I should contact a plumber?

Our plumbers recommend seeking professional plumbing services if minor issues aren’t resolved with standard solutions that have worked in the past. For example, if you previously fixed a leaky faucet by tightening the fixture with a wrench but it’s leaking again, you should call a plumber to get to the root of the problem. You should also contact a plumber if you notice signs of water damage around your home or business, inconsistent water pressure, or strange noises from your pipes.

Why do plumbers recommend annual plumbing maintenance?

Our plumbers recommend getting commercial and residential plumbing inspections twice per year in order to prevent major issues and costly repairs from impacting your building in the future. During a plumbing maintenance service, a plumber will thoroughly examine your system, fix any minor problems, and ensure it’s in good working order for the foreseeable future.


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